Discounts for motorcycle gear

These are brands we’ve partnered with to offer you some great discounts on gear you may or may not have heard of. Check em out. We love this stuff.

Cardo is the gold standard when it comes to rider communications.

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Amazing bags that do a great job enhancing nighttime visibility.

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For anyone that wears glasses or prefers sunglasses over tinted visors, these things are a must.

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Super comfy, highly capable helmet with fantastic audio

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I’ve used Riders-Share twice now and both times have been fantastic. Rental rates vary from around $50 - $200 /day. Super reasonable.

New renters get 20% off their full rental

Chin Mounts is all I use for GoPros on my helmet. It’s the only thing I trust. Grab yours!

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Great quality, protective moto riding gear that doesn’t look or feel like riding gear

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Love my Chubby Buttons, especially in the winter with thicker gloves.

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Moto inspired streetwear straight from NYC

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More discounts will continue to be added so make sure to join our NYC MOTO Riders Facebook Group for the latest discounts.