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  • A Tour Through The Hamptons (North Fork)

A Tour Through The Hamptons (North Fork)

Ride through Dune Road, Sag Harbor, Shelter Island, Orient Beach State Park, & More

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This is the second day of my trip to the Hamptons. We covered the South Fork on the first day and hit up the North Fork on this day. We hit up Shelter Island via Ferry and a ton more twists.

The Route

Dune Road

  • MILES: 123

  • TIME: 4hr 34 min

  • START: Dune Road

  • FINISH: Montauk Lighthouse

You’ll have a ton of options cruising through the North Fork in the Hamptons. There’s Dune Road, Sag Harbor, Orient Beach State Park, Shelter Island, and the lighthouse on Montauk.

Where you start is up to you. I couldn’t get enough of Dune Road so I started there. Careful during high tide and after heavy rains. The puddles are going to be deeper than they seem but you should be OK. We went just after 2 days of rain and hit quite a few hairy situations. Just use your head.

From Dune Road, I headed north to Sound Avenue and swung south for a stop at Nassau Point Road on the way to Orient Beach State Park.

After that, double back and head to the ferry on the way to Shelter Island. BRING CASH! The ferry was $8 one way if I remember correctly and it leaves every few minutes, even in the off season. Run through Shelter Island and take another ferry back (also $8) to Sag Harbor/North Haven.

If you’ve got the time, hang around Sag Harbor a bit and run those twists; some great winding forest roads out there for sure. Finish up there and head east to the lighthouse.

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