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  • Ride a hidden gem of a road East of Bear Mountain

Ride a hidden gem of a road East of Bear Mountain

Great ride starting East of Bear Mountain with options to avoid the traffic alltogether

The Route

Route 301 is an actual gem of a road. It’s not as technical and a bit faster than Kanawuake Road but every ounce as fun. You’ll generally encounter very little traffic as it’s away from Bear Mountain and major arteries.

  • MILES: 109

  • TIME: 2 hr 30 min

  • START: Manhattan

  • FINISH: Back towards the city

We’ve been hit hard with flooding over the past few weeks with some roads seeing severe damage, forcing closures. Not only do we have to avoid those roads but also have to keep an eye on traffic spilling over onto the alternatives.

Riding up 684 isn’t ideal but it gets us far enough away from the mess on the West side of Bear Mountain and secondary roads. If you’re reading this after the roads have been repaired or heading out in the early morning on a weekday, feel free to change things up. Just make sure you hit the full length of 301 on the way to Cold Spring.

Options & Notes 🗒️ 

Here are a couple of options to consider:

  1. The start of this trip assumes you are in Manhattan or close to it. There are plenty of options if you’re on the West Side or East of the city.

  2. If you’re heading out early morning on a weekday, feel free to stay East of the Bear Mountain Bridge and take 202/6 all the way down for a hellova pay-off. See the route links below for that option.

  3. Keep in mind that depending on time of day/day of week/flooding situation, you may have to adjust the route a bit.

  4. If you’re up for it, swing by Sloop Brewery just North of 301. Just make sure they’re open first. At the time of writing, they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Ask me how I know.

Google Maps Links

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