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  • Tour Route 23A and its waterfalls in Upstate NY

Tour Route 23A and its waterfalls in Upstate NY

Absolutely fantastic roads about 2 hours North of NYC

The Route

I’ve got fond memories of the twists of Route 23A in my car and they’re that much better on two wheels.

  • MILES: 134

  • TIME: 3 hours

  • START/FINISH: Greene County Tourism Center

Kaaterskill Falls

Routes 23 & 23A are legendary and if you haven't explored this area yet, you're in for more than just smooth curvy roads.

Through this route, you'll come across 2 waterfalls directly on the ride and a bunch of other options within 30 miles of the route. I counted at least 4 other waterfalls outside of the 2 on the road.

On top of the waterfalls, you'll pass the Five State Lookout on 23 in East Windham. Definitely worth a stop for a break.

If you want to hike to Kaaterskill Falls (highly recommended), go ahead and park the bike at Laurel House Rd, Schutt Rd, or South Lake parking areas. It's a bit of a hike but so damn worth it.

Aside from the falls, this is some of the most beautiful, most enjoyable riding you'll do in the Catskills. Tons of great food options as well.

Route 23A also happens to be on the way to New York Safety Track and is only about an hour or so away. Make time to ride through if you’re heading to/from the track.\

Bail Out Option

Your bailout option here is pretty simple. If you absolutely don't have 3 hours to kill (and it will take you 2+ hrs to get here if coming from the city), go ahead and leave out the center.

A shorter trip looks something like this:

That will cut out about 30 minutes. I know it's not much but since you rode all the way up here, but you really should take in at least that loop.

Google Maps Links & Other Waterfalls

Click on the Google Maps links below for a full waypoint by waypoint route.

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