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  • The perfect route through Connecticut to BBQ in Danbury

The perfect route through Connecticut to BBQ in Danbury

Great combination of highway, twists, and barbecue

The Route

This is some of the best riding you’ll do that isn’t Bear Mountain or Harriman.

Most of our riding is West of the Hudson but that gets old. Even with fantastic routes like the Waterfall Tour and Bear Mountain’s roads, we wanted to change things up and head up North instead.

Aside from the fantastic bbq restaurant The Cue just north of Danbury, this was a phenomenal ride.

It’s a great mix of highway, city, and twists with The Cue as payoff in the end. We (a group of 15+ riders) started the trip off at Hudson Valley Motorcycles; a great dealer in Ossining. Because of the amount of riders and different bikes we had in the group, we decided on capping our speeds on the highway to around 80-90mph but would fly through the twists.

The idea is that we can use the highways to stay together and allow people to do their thing in between turns on the twists. The lead hammered it through the twists and we ended up waiting just a few minutes to let everyone else catch up before making any turns. It’s a simple approach but worked very well. Steal that method if you’ve got a bigger group with varying skill levels & bikes.

⚠️ Watch out for gravel on some of these country roads, especially through the curves. You’ll also see farm equipment, livestock, etc so careful through some of the twists. Have an experienced lead/spotter to call shit out before you get to it. Or if you’re doing it on your own, use some caution but don’t overreact! An abrupt correction through a turn could send you off.

Have more time? Take the long(er) 🔀 way.

Extend the loop

This route extends the loop by another 40 miles or so, which should give you another hour of riding. And man is it worth it. You’ll ride more of the gorgeous roads that area north of Danbury has to offer and completely loop around the beautiful Lake Waramug (thanks, Dan for the recommendation!) If you’re feeling like something other than bbq, swing by Bohemian Pizza & Tacos (off of 202) or White Horse (get their burger) and send us a pic of the 1920’s Indian bike mounted on the wall.

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