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  • The only way to ride to Phoenicia Diner

The only way to ride to Phoenicia Diner

plus... hairpins, reservoirs, and waterfalls

The Route

I love this route.

It’s a phenomenal set of roads, great sights to see (Ashokan reservoir, overpasses, etc), a hairpin, fast curves, and tons of options.

We set out early morning out of Cold Spring but feel free to start at 9W Market or wherever you’re meeting your group from. Up to you.

From there, we head North.

Again, start wherever you like but make sure to hit route 44 as that is the start of the twists. You’re going to hit a bunch of twists on the way to a slow speed hairpin on 44 just after the Mohonk Preserve Visitors Center. If you’re first in the group, call out the hairpin on comms! It’s a super tight turn with good run off but you don’t want to be the guy that runs off, especially if you’re having to scrub a ton of speed going into it.

That whole stretch of route 44 is worth repeating too so feel free before making a right on 209.

Ashokan Reservoir

The Ashokan Reservoir is also lovely with a great road south of it. Use that overlook as a quick stopping point for some pics & a break.

Phoenicia Diner

The diner is a fantastic payoff for lunch and has great roads leading into it. Just know that if you’re going for lunch on a nice day, it’s going to be busy. Plan on ordering and sitting outside. The smoked trout is to die for.

After the diner…

Once you’re done with the diner, head east on route 212 for another worthwhile stretch before heading home or further up North to explore the waterfalls.

Have more time? There are tons of options…

Phoenicia is a wonderland of great roads and the area above it is home to some of the best roads I’ve ever seen. In fact, I have a separate guide to ride route 23a and explore all the waterfalls in that area. Check out that guide for another 130 miles of riding bliss.

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